1 book This is a book
2 point Mickey is pointing.
3 no / yes No, no, no! Yes, yes, yes!
4 name My name is Mickey Mouse.
5 mouse This is a mouse.
6 listen Minnie is listening.
7 sing Minnie is singing.
8 in / on The mouse is in the hat. The mouse is on the hat.
9 basket This is a basket.
10 hat This is a hat.
11 cat Listen to the cat.
12 house This is a house.
13 chair This is a chair.
14 bear This is a bear.
15 bed This is a bed.
16 head This is my head.
17 flower This is a flower.
18 tower This is a tower.
19 picture This is a picture.
20 this/that This is a cat. That's a cat, too.
21 whistle Jiminy is whistling.
22 clap Mickey and Minnie are clapping.
23 duck Listen to the duck.
24 dog Listen to the dog.
25 boy / girl I am a boy. I am a girl.
26 wand This is a magic wand.
27 table This is a table.
28 letters These are letters.
29 look The cat is looking at the mouse.
30 wave Minnie is waving.
31 bow Goofy is bowing.
32 mat This is a mat.
33 bat This is a bat.
34 music Listen to the music.
35 look like Chip looks like Dale. Dale looks like Chip.
36 blow Minnie is blowing.
37 balloon This is a balloon.
38 yellow / green This is yellow. This is green.
39 red / blue This is red. This is blue.
40 elephant This is an elephant.
41 big / small The elephant is big. The mouse is small.
42 long / short The snake is long. The worm is short.
43 beans These are beans.
44 shoe / shoes This is a shoe. These are shoes.
45 sleep The mouse is sleeping.
46 eat Goofy is eating.
47 wear The mouse is wearing a hat.
48 color Huey is coloring.
49 sit / stand Mickey is sitting. Mickey is standing.
50 hold Goofy is holding his shoes.
51 at / on Donald is at the table. Donald is on the table.
52 next to The mouse is next to the hat.
53 here / there Here! There!
54 pin / pins This is a pin. These are pins.
55 under The mouse is under the hat.
56 behind The mouse is behind the hat.
57 stairs These are stairs.
58 line Donald is standing in line.
59 break The plate breaks.
60 fall Goofy is falling.
61 angry Pluto is angry.
62 run / walk Mickey is running. Mickey is walking.
63 around The mouse is running around the hat.
64 fast / slow
65 up / down
66 jump Goofy is jumping.
67 window This is a window.
68 go in / come out The mouse goes in. The mouse comes out.
69 tree This is a tree
70 hands I have six hands.
71 turn@around Goofy, Mickey, and Donald are turning around
72 bend down Pooh is bending down.
73 ground / floor This is the ground. This is the floor.
74 touch Mickey is touching his head.
75 toes These are toes.
76 nose Pinocchio has a long nose.
77 cake / piece of cake This is a cake. This is a piece of cake.
78 ice cream This is an ice cream cone.
79 candle This is a candle.
80 gift This is a gift
81 play Huey, Dewey, and Louie are playing.
82 chicken / chickens
83 cow / cows
84 horse / horses
85 rose / roses This is a rose. These are roses.
86 ribbon / bow This is a piece of ribbon. This is a bow.
87 face / faces This is a face. These are faces.
88 lick Goofy is licking the ice cream cone.
89 happy / sad I am happy. I am sad.
90 count 1,2,3..
91 little / big This dog is little. This dog is big.
92 black / white This is black. This is white
93 draw Mickey is drawing.
94 living room This is a living room.
95 sofa This is a sofa
96 television The little dog is watching television.
97 dining room This is a dining room.
98 sandwich Chip and Dale are making a sandwich.
99 bedroom This is a bedroom.
100 sit / lie Goofy is sitting. Goofy is lying down.
101 bathroom This is a bathroom.
102 take a bath Minnie is taking a bath.
103 kitchen This is a kitchen.
104 help Donald is helping Daisy.
105 stove / refrigerator This is a stove. This is a refrigerator.
106 bowl This is a bowl.
107 cup / glass This is a cup. This is a glass.
108 spoon / fork This is a spoon. This is a fork.
109 knife / knives This is a knife. These are knives.
110 pan / pans This is a pan. These are pans.
111 on top The mouse is on top of the house.
112 oven Minnie is looking in the oven.
113 bottles These are bottles.
114 milk The milk is white.
115 butter The butter is yellow.
116 egg What's in the egg?
117 cupboard This is a cupboard.
118 bag Donald is holding a bag.
119 box / boxes This is a box. These are boxes.
120 a little / a lot a little ice cream / a lot of ice cream
121 cut Huey is cutting.
122 finger / fingers one finger / four fingers
123 pour Minnie is pouring tea.
124 full / empty The bowl is full. The bowl is empty.
125 pitcher This is a pitcher.
126 drink Dumbo is drinking. Timothy is drinking, too.
127 give / give back Mickey gives an apple to Minnie. Minnie gives it back.
128 circles These are circles.
129 clocks Listen to the clocks.
130 paper Chip and Dale are holding a piece of paper.
131 tie / untie Tie the ribbon. Untie the ribbon.
132 butterfly The butterfly is on the flower.
133 turn into The caterpillar turns into a butterfly.
134 rope What a long rope!
135 bicycle This is a bicycle.
136 walk / ride The mouse is walking. The mouse is riding.
137 pencil This is a pencil.
138 wheel This is a wheel.
139 bread This is bread.
140 put on / take off Goofy is putting on his pants. Goofy is taking off his pants
141 tie Mickey is wearing a tie.
142 mirror Look in the mirror.
143 inside / outside Mickey is inside. Now, Mickey is outside.
144 knock Mickey is knocking at the door.
145 door This is a door.
146 open / close Open the window. Close the window.
147 show Huey is showing the picture to Daisy.
148 shirt / pants This is a shirt. These are pants.
149 blouse / skirt This is a blouse. This is a skirt.
150 pink / purple This is pink. This is purple.
151 jacket / sweater This is a jacket. This is a sweater.
152 orange / brown This is orange. This is brown.
153 dress / dresses This is a dress. These are dresses.
154 purse / purses This is a purse. These are purses.
155 hair The girl has black hair.
156 string This is string.
157 leaf / leaves This is a leaf. These are leaves.
158 clothes These are clothes.
159 hold / carry Hold the crayon. Carry the crayon.
160 plate This is a plate.
161 in front Clarabelle and Daisy are sitting in front of Donald.
162 hide Huey, Dewey, and Louie are hiding.
163 ears These are ears.
164 foot / feet one foot / two feet
165 between The mouse is between the shoes.
166 tails These are tails.
167 surprised Daisy is surprised.
168 smile The cat is smiling.
169 eyes These are eyes.
170 mouth What a big mouth! What a little mouse!
171 cover Daisy covers the pan.
172 monsters These are monsters.
173 light Minnie is lighting the candle.
174 burn The candle is burning.
175 kiss Minnie is kissing Mickey.
176 bone The dog has a big bone.
177 fireplace The cat is next to the fireplace.
178 ball / balls This is a ball. These are balls.
179 collar Pluto is wearing a green collar.
180 covered Goofy is covered with ice cream.
181 star This is a star.
182 baby This is a baby.
183 sun This is the sun.
184 clouds The clouds are white.
185 day / night It's day. Now, it's night.
186 bird Listen to the bird.
187 pick Minnie is picking flowers.
188 grass The grass is green.
189 picnic Mickey and Minnie are having a picnic.
190 hot dog Chip and Dale are eating a hot dog.
191 salad This is a salad.
192 read Mickey is reading.
193 fish Goofy is fishing.
194 swim Goofy is swimming.
195 hike Huey, Dewey, and Louie are hiking.
196 build Mickey is building a dog house.
197 fire This is a fire.
198 bus / buses This is a bus. These are buses.
199 cars These are cars.
200 money This is money.
201 fish / fish one fish / two fish
202 old / young I am old. I am young.
203 old / new These are old shoes. These are new shoes.
204 numbers These are numbers.
205 busy Mickey is very busy.
206 pack Clarabelle is packing.
207 apple The apple is red.
208 orange / oranges This is an orange. These are oranges.
209 cherry / cherries This is a cherry. These are cherries.
210 banana Goofy is eating the banana.
211 lemon / lemons This is a lemon. These are lemons.
212 blanket The blanket is blue.
213 bucket This is a bucket.
214 towel This is a towel.
215 boat There goes Donald in his boat!
216 gloves These are gloves.
217 ax / axes This is an ax. These are axes.
218 match / matches This is a match. These are matches.
219 drive Daisy is driving.
220 get in / get out Donald gets in. Donald gets out.
221 city / country This is the city. This is the country.
222 building The building is tall.
223 giraffe / giraffes one giraffe / three giraffes
224 short / tall The mouse is short. The giraffe is tall.
225 road / tunnel This is a road. This is a tunnel.
226 hill The car is going up the hill.
227 pond / river This is a pond. This is a river.
228 bridge / bridges This is a bridge. These are bridges.
229 farm This is a farm.
230 farmer This is a farmer.
231 forest This is a forest.
232 fields These are fields.
233 whistle This is a whistle.
234 policeman This is a policeman.
235 rooster Listen to the rooster.
236 bee Listen to the bee.
237 frog Listen to the frog.
238 gold This card is gold.
239 push Huey is pushing. Donald is riding.
240 pay Minnie is paying for the flowers.
241 swing This is a swing. The mouse is swinging.
242 milk Gus is milking the cow.
243 hammock This is a hammock.
244 barn The barn is red.
245 animals These are animals.
246 sheep / sheep one sheep / two sheep
247 pig Listen to the pig.
248 work Mickey, Minnie, and Daisy are working.
249 tomato This is a tomato.
250 chop Goofy is chopping.
251 wood This is wood.
252 well This is a well.
253 wake up Goofy wakes up.
254 find Donald finds a dollar.
255 sings These are signs.
256 side / front / back
257 shovel This is a shovel.
258 dig Goofy is digging.
259 holes These are holes.
260 plant / grow
261 worm This is a worm.
262 deep / deeper The water is deep. The water is deeper.
263 twig / branch / log
264 rain Listen! It's raining.
265 nest There are three eggs in the nest.
266 umbrella This is Jiminy's umbrella.
267 hook Mickey is putting his hat on the hook.
268 hang Mickey is hanging up her dress.
269 bathing suits Mickey and Minnie are wearing bathing suits.
270 splash What a big splash!
271 dive Goofy is diving.
272 knees These are my knees.
273 chin This is my chin.
274 wash / dry Mickey's washing Pluto. Mickey's drying Pluto.
275 socks These are socks.
276 climb The bear is climbing the tree.
277 knot This is a knot.
278 swing The monkey is swinging.
279 monkey This is a monkey.
280 fly The birds are flying.
281 pull / push Huey is pulling. Huey is pushing.
282 think Goofy is thinking.
283 tired Goofy is tired.
284 daisy / daisies This is a daisy. These are daisies.
285 skip Clarabelle is skipping.
286 chain Listen to the chain.
287 neck The bird has a long neck.
288 scissors These are scissors.
289 wet / dry Dopey is wet. Dopey is dry.
290 laugh Chip and Dale are laughing.
291 look for Grandma is looking for her other shoe.
292 drop / pick up
293 pile up Scrooge is pilling up his money.
294 light the fire / put it out
295 cook Minnie is cooking.
296 cold / hot Donald is cold. Goofy is hot.
297 dark / light The room is dark. The room is light.
298 food There's a lot of food on the table.
299 sticks These are sticks.
300 tummy This is my tummy.
301 dirty / clean Huey is dirty. Now, Huey is clean.
302 soap This is soap.
303 wash the dishes Daisy is washing the dishes.
304 fold Grandma is folding a piece of paper.
305 throw away Goofy is throwing away the fish bones.
306 throw / catch
307 sleepy Everyone is very sleepy.
308 yawn Mickey is yawning.
309 asleep / awake Mickey is asleep. Mickey is awake.
310 snore Goofy is snoring.
311 dream Pluto is dreaming.
312 love Mickey loves Minnie.
313 team This is a baseball team.
314 strong / stronger
315 hold on / let go
316 hit / miss
317 write Minnie is writing.
318 turtle The little turtle is on the big turtle's back.
319 legs The birds have long legs.
320 gray The mouse is gray. The umbrella is gray, too.
321 wind The wind is blowing.
322 drops The cat is watching the drops of water.
323 glass Mickey is putting a piece of glass in the window.
324 broken The window is broken.
325 lock Huey is locking the door.
326 afraid Clarabelle is afraid.
327 heart This is a heart.
328 rabbit This is a rabbit.
329 rainbow What a beautiful rainbow!
330 smell Minnie is smelling the rose.
331 paint Huey, Dewey, and Louie are painting.
332 brushes Look at all the brushes!
333 paint Donald is covered with red paint.
334 fat / thin The brown cat is fat. The yellow cat is thin.
335 hungry Mickey is hungry.
336 lion Listen to the lion roar!
337 rush The rabbit is in a rush.
338 ladder Chip and Dale are climbing the ladder.
339 circus Come to the circus!
340 tiger Hi! I'm a tiger!
341 clowns Look at the clowns!
342 tooth / teeth one tooth / two teeth
343 hippopotamus I'm a hippopotamus.
344 train here comes the train.
345 track This is a track.
346 acrobats Look at the acrobats!
347 people Look at al the people!
348 stripes Goofy loves stripes.
349 tiny What a tiny girl!
350 tuba The elephant is playing the tuba.
351 lunch Donald and Daisy are eating lunch.
352 funny The clown is very funny.
353 dinner Mickey and Minnie are eating dinner.
354 pajamas The mice wear pajamas to bed.
355 breakfast Huey, Dewey, and Louie are eating breakfast.
356 mother / father This is my mother. This is my father.
357 grandmother / grandfather This is my grandmother. This is my grandfather.
358 horns Listen to the horns!
359 drums Listen to the drums!
360 band Here comes the band!
361 bells Listen to the bells!
362 ring Mickey is ringing the bell.
363 shiny The mice are wearing shiny shoes.
364 cheer Listen! Everyone is cheering.
365 soft / loud
366 buy Minnie is buying food.
367 tickets Tickets! Come buy a ticket!
368 sister / brother Akko is my sister. Kenji is my brother.
369 man / woman I am a man. I am a woman.
370 sell Grandma is selling apples.
371 candy Candy is yummy!
372 peanuts Chip and Dale love peanuts.
373 hips What big hips!
374 glasses Mickey and Minnie are wearing glasses.
375 dance Goofy and Clarabelle are dancing.
376 tent Huey, Dewey, and Louie are sleeping in a tent.
377 forwards / backwards
378 lift Huey and Dewey lift the log.
379 cage The birds are in the cage.
380 toys These are toys.
381 disappear The dog disappears.
382 giggle Minnie is giggling.
383 cry Alice is crying.
384 smile / frown Pooh is smiling. Pooh is frowning.
385 tear There's a big tear in Dumbo's eye.
386 fruit Everyone is eating fruit.
387 juggle Goofy is juggling.
388 bite Goofy takes a bite out of the apple.
389 piano Grandma is playing the piano.
390 tennis Daisy and Minnie are playing tennis.
391 wall Who is hiding behind the wall?
392 fit The shoe doesn't fit. The sweater doesn't fit, either.
393 pointed The pencils are pointed.
394 crack There's a crack in the mirror.
395 ring What a beautiful ring!
396 teapot There's a mouse in the teapot!
397 soup Huey, Dewey, and Louie are going go eat soup for lunch.
398 potatoes Grandma is scrubbing potatoes.
399 spaghetti The dogs are eating spaghetti.
400 thirsty Pluto is very thirsty.
401 a few / a lot a few puppies / a lot of puppies
402 bathtub The mouse is filling the bathtub.
403 bubbles Huey is blowing bubbles.
404 cheese What a big piece of cheese!
405 feather This is a feather.
406 jewels Look at all the jewels!
407 stretch The cat is stretching.
408 get up Goofy is getting up.
409 roll Chip and Dale are rolling down the hill.
410 school Huey, Dewey, and Louie are going to school.
411 get dressed The mice are getting dressed.
412 telephone The telephone is ringing!
413 classroom This is a classroom.
414 teacher This is a teacher.
415 desk Daisy is writing a note at her desk.
416 blackboard Huey is writing on the blackboard.
417 proud Daisy is very proud of Huey.
418 cook Donald is a cook.
419 nurse Minnie is a nurse.
420 gardener The gardener is working.
421 fisherman Mickey is a very good fisherman.
422 cowboy The cowboy is riding his horse.
423 boots Huey, Dewey, and Louie are putting on their boots.
424 airplane Huey is flying a toy airplane.
425 pilot Donald is a pilot.
426 doctor The doctor is listening to Chip's heart.
427 sick Pooh is sick.
428 garden The mouse is reading a book in the garden.
429 fireman The fireman is putting out the fire.
430 zoo There are a lot of animals in the zoo.
431 kangaroos I'm a kangaroo. I'm a kangaroo, too.
432 zebra The zebra is black and white.
433 tickle Huey is ticking Dewey's feet.
434 king His Majesty, the King!
435 crown What a beautiful crown!
436 dentist The dentist is looking at the tiger's teeth.
437 scratch Pluto is scratching.
438 moon The moon is shining in the sky.
439 sunset What a beautiful sunset!
440 arms What long arms!
441 kittens The kittens are playing.
442 shed Mickey is going to put the shovel in the shed.
443 key The mouse is going to open the door with the key.
444 pocket Who's inside the pocket?
445 sweep Daisy is sweeping the floor.
446 thief Look! It's a thief!
447 detective Donald is a very good detective.
448 pillow Chip likes to sleep on a pillow.
449 nails Chip has a lot of nails.
450 hammer The mice are carrying a big hammer.
451 lock Chip is putting a lock on the box.
452 shells These are all shells.
453 wind Huey is winding the string around the stick.
454 footprints Pluto is looking at the big footprints.
455 octopus An octopus has eight legs.
456 snow Everything is covered with snow.
457 broom Minnie is going to put away the broom.
458 float Goofy is floating.
459 ashamed Huey is ashamed.
460 Mickey the Zookeeper went to the shed to get breakfast for the animals.
461 He took his key out of his pocket and unlocked the door.
462 The peanut bags were open, and some of the peanuts were missing!
463 Mickey called Detective Goofy on the telephone.
464 Detective Goofy looked everywhere for clues.
465 The thief must have come in through the hole!
466 The elephant couldn't have taken the peanuts,
467 The giraffe couldn't have been the thief, either.
468 Goofy hammered a lot of nails into the wall.
469 He wound string around the nails.
470 He tied a bell to one end of the string.
471 He tied the other end of the string to the peanut bag.
472 He poured blue paint in front of the hole.
473 Goofy went to sleep and waited for the thief to come to the shed.
474 That night-very quietly-the thief came to the shed.
475 The bell crashed to the floor and woke Goofy up.
476 There were eight footprints in the blue paint.
477 The octopus might have taken the peanuts.
478 The octopus wouldn't eat a peanut.
479 Two animals could have made the eight footprints.
480 Goofy saw blue paint on Chip and Dale's feet.
481 Chip and Dale took the peanuts! They were the thieves!
482 Chip and Dale brought the peanuts back to Mickey.
483 Mickey made Chip and Dale his helpers.
484 Chip and Dale swept up empty peanut shells from the ground.
485 When they finished, Mickey gave them all the peanuts they could eat.
486 Once there was a very great sorcerer who had a magic hat.
487 The Sorcerer had a helper named Mickey.
488 Mickey swept the floor with a broom.
489 He chopped the wood with an ax.
490 He went to the well for water.
491 He worked and worked until he was very tired.
492 If I had the Sorcerer's magic hat, he thought, I wouldn't have to work.
493 One day, the Sorcerer went out without his hat.
494 Mickey put on the Sorcerer's hat.
495 He told the broom to work, and the broom started to work.
496 While the broom was working, Mickey fell sound asleep.
497 A big splash of water woke Mickey up.
498 There was water every where, and the water was very deep.
499 Mickey chopped up the broom into small pieces of wood.
500 All the pieces of wood started to move.
501 All the pieces of wood turned into brooms.
502 All the brooms kept on pouring water onto the floor.
503 Mickey didn't know how to stop the brooms.
504 The Sorcerer came back and made the brooms and the water disappear.
505 Mickey went back to work.
506 Is the cat sitting on the chair?
507 Which monkey has more bananas?
508 What is Goofy going to do?
509 What would you buy at the circus?
510 What is blue in this picture?